Mother of 37 Children Cancels 80th Birthday Reunion over Money -- Lacks Social Security

UPDATE: I reposted this blog post (HEREunder a different title and with significant changes in lieu of how my family felt about the first version. My mother has a strong faith in Jesus, as indicated in the video of her preaching on her 75th birthday (which is in both versions). I worried more than Mom about her situation when I learned about it and took steps to help her that other family suggested was in contradiction to her faith in Christ. (She began using computers a year or so ago, so that she could start selling real estate. I'm not sure how often she uses Facebook.) I'll still help her out financially from my personal funds, though I stand ready to do more. Being as I live in Washington, DC, I won't let family talk me out of visiting Mom's congress members on her behalf. That will happen within three hours from now. I have to do whatever small thing I'm able to do to fight on her behalf.


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