Defeat DC's Default Democratic Dictator of Deliberate Dysfunction, Muriel Bowser, By Voting for Jeremiah Stanback in June!!!

Defeat DC's Default Democratic Dictator of Deliberate Dysfunction, Muriel Bowser By Voting for Jeremiah Stanback in June!!!
Since Washington, DC won "Home Rule" in 1973, every mayor has been a Democrat -- making the mid-term Democratic Primary our de facto mayoral election. Mayor Muriel Bowser was elected with 42,045 votes in the April 2014 primary -- when the city had 450,000 registered voters. I made both of these points in my PREVIOUS BLOG POST about the possibility of long-shot candidate Jeremiah Stanback defeating Ms. Bowser in the June primary -- much to her chagrin, hopefully. It's also worth noting that, while she went on to win the general election with nearly 20% of the vote, she still fell short of Donald Trump's 31.5% of the nation's 200 million voters. Though less popular (percentage-wise) than the worst president in the nation's history, it looks as though the incumbent might go into the Juneteenth primary without any "serious" chal…

Homeless Mayor In DC: A Real, If Distant, Possibility

As I sat in a DC McDonald's at 14th and U streets nw around noon today clogging my arteries with a McChicken (Big Mac sauce added) and a small fry, I was approached by a man who was holding his phone out and swiveling his arm back and forth while telling myself and other patrons "I'm in the paper; I'm running for mayor". I asked "What day???". He said, "Five days ago". Noticing my interest in what he was saying, he then stopped in front of me and let me read part of the article. As I perused it, he introduced himself as Jeremiah and gave me an arm bump, before moving on to others. I then found THIS ARTICLE on my phone and learned that my sense that he might be homeless was in fact correct. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he'd gathered at least 1,400 of the 2,000 signatures needed to get on the ballot, with the deadline for declaring his candidacy being five days hence on March 21st. Jeremiah Stanback actually has a fighting chanc…

ACTION ALERT: DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Exposing Homeless Children to Asbestos & Lead Particulates

You read the title correctly: "DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Exposing Homeless Children to Asbestos & Lead Particulates". I'm not one for hyperbole. However, the unimaginable is being done by the mayor of our nation's capital. It's deliberate. What makes it worse is that it's for political gain. Muriel Bowser is up for re-election during the DC Democratic Primary on June 19th, 2018. The winner of the Democratic Primary has always gone on to become mayor, which makes the Democratic Primary the city's de facto mayoral election, though we DO go through with the formality of a general election anyway. This disregard of the lives of the poor (including children) is all the more reason NOT to vote for Bowser in June (or in November either, if she wins the primary).

 In DC (and probably many cities) developers are major contributors to mayoral campaigns. Ms. Bowser needs campaign funds to last into early November. DC developers have also sought to redevelop the DC…

Control [Supposedly] "Sane" People and Politicians, Not Just Guns or the Supposedly Mentally Ill

I hope this post makes you angry..... .....but that you don't shoot anybody -- at least not anybody who's not affiliated with the NRA.
UPDATED on 3/3/18 to reflect the facts that:

1 -- It was learned thatfour (4) Broward Co. deputies -- not just one (1) -- "did nothing" during the 2/14/18 mass shooting at a school in Parkland, FL -- as 17 people were being murdered.

2 -- The Broward Co. Sheriff's office in general and school resource officer Scot Peterson in particular had been warned some 18 times about shooter Nikolas Cruz over the past decade (before he ever joined the JROTC that taught him to shoot -- at least two of those times being specific warnings that he might be planning to shoot up the school.

3 -- A 53-year old "favorite" school teacher who'd been recognized for his work and who'd been treated for at least two (2) mental health episodes fired a gun in an empty classroom in Dalton, GA.


What Would Jesus Do About America's Social Injustice???

I'm sure that nobody who reads this needs me to teach them about the history of Black Americans. What American doesn't already know about the enslavement of Blacks on American soil or that Blacks are the only group with that distinction??? (MLK, Jr. highlighted that distinction.) In this blog post I don't aim to elicit pity for the plight of the Black American or to teach a history lesson. Instead I'll juxtapose what many people already know about American history, as I focus on the fight for social justice; and, I'll offer insights that I hope are borne in mind by the current wave of activists and advocates. After all, he who fails to learn from the mistakes of history is doomed to repeat them.

60+ Years Of Blacks "Fighting" For Social Justice
The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. began fighting for social justice in 1955 and preached a message in which he admonished his followers to use non-violent resistance to effect social justice and an end to Jim Cro…

Grade DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, Congress & tRump on Homelessness in Lieu of 2018 Elections & Sure Revolution

Washington, DC is a strange place. (That's the understatement of the millennium.) It's getting stranger by the day. But, since this is a blog post and not a book, I'll only visit matters pertaining to strange governance for now. The strange White House 'resident, tRump, is showing that there's a method to his madness -- at least for anyone who's paying attention. By his inauguration, he'd shown contempt for all things intellectual and scientific -- having disparaged 17 federal intelligence agencies, having denied climate science and having threatened to shut down the Department of Education as well as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Since taking office, he (with the help of Congress) has installed secretaries at HUD (Housing and Urban Development) and the EPA whom many citizens have good reason to believe were put there to tear the agencies down. In a stroke of apparent consistency, tRump has pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord and g…