"Hurricane Harvey", The Elimination of Sex in the U.S. and the 144,000 (Asexual???) Lesser Sovereigns (Under Jesus)

[T]he sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. -- Genesis 6:2#MeTooSlut WalkTop Freedom

Sexual Revolutions (of 1920's and 1950's/60's)
Are we entering a "Third Wave" -- a "Third Peni[c]W'ore"???

The Pleasure Seekers (1997): It is also worth noting that for Mr. Heidenry the century's "third(?) sexual revolution,'' from the 1960's to now, succeeded insofar as it freed women from millenniums of repression, and failed insofar as it did not.

******************************************************** There were the "sins of the 'asexual' [sic] fathers" which I heard MY father (who conceived me asexually too) talk about in the 1980's -- a widespread "son shower", by all means. (This son shower blew over Never Land in 1993; but, it never landed a drop.) Then there was the Bill Clinton/ Monica Lewinsky relationship that began in 1995 -- a sun sh…

LOVE: A Necessary Evil for Preventing A Church Massacre Or Burning And Other Forms Of Terrorism

LOVE: A Necessary Evil
As I edited my previous blog post into what I now believe is my best writing and the one which is most relevant to the "Zeitgeist of Terrorism and Fear", it struck me that love of terrorists (Republican, Trumpist, foreign AND domestic) is actually a necessary evil. Terrorism (which, though it lacks a uniform legal definition, I define as: any act or threat of violence, sequestration of sustenance, passive euthanasia and/or destruction that: 1 -- is leveled upon any person, intelligent and trained animal or group thereof and 2 -- which these victims were not given opportunities to avoid through meaningful exchanges AND multiple chances to comply with well-articulated AND rational laws or demands while 3 -- they were not offered the tools, instructions and necessary time to comply) is evil. So, any act of unity with a terrorist is representative of an unrighteous union. Nonetheless, it's necessary for people of good conscience to spend much time: 1 -…

Church Massacre After Massacre After Burning: Learn the Hard Lessons

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After a homicidal and/or suicidal person kills and dies, people ask, "Why??? Why did they do it???" As it turns out, dead people don't speak; so, we oftentimes don't get a clear answer. Other times the person left strong hints as to their reasoning. But, even in cases where either question -- "Why suicide???" or "Why homicide???" -- is left largely unanswered, it would seem that the killer may have tried to talk with people about things that these others just didn't want to discuss. This may have left the homicidal and/or suicidal person with the strong impression that death to others and/or themselves was the only way to communicate their concerns. (I can definitely relate to that concern.)

Now, let's imagine that, instead of asking "Why???" after the deadly incident, all people were to open themselves up to any and all topics of conversation -- even the uncomfortable ones beforehand. Then, ins…

Right 2 Survive: An "Imperial" Moral Imperative

"People 'knead' all of these 'ingredients' at once and simultaneously to make the 'bread of life'.....and not just to 'loaf' around, Government!!!"
Being the analytical man that I am and having the memory that I do, I tend to juxtapose a lot of issues -- to "knead" them together and to create a "big picture" of life today and in the foreseeable future. Some would oversimplify the matter by saying that I speak in a "convoluted" matter. I beg to differ. Yet, to such detractors I will tip my hat politely (possibly show their age and IQ with a middle digit impolitely) and pass on by.

This post promises to be interesting, as I show the connections between the lack of affordable housing, the existence of food deserts in the U.S., the threat to Guam, the aftermath of recent hurricanes, the U.S. government's slow response to crises, tRumpism 101, the rise of China as the next world power and the contribution of neglec…

DC Mayor Eric Jonathan Sheptock Will Fight Gentrifiers Tooth and Nail

You read the title properly. After having had many people suggest over the years that I run for mayor or for a council seat, I've finally decided to go for it. Since I don't care to argue with a dozen other council members and I prefer to be able to ram policies and bills through so we can actually get things done, I would only run for mayor. Since I began advocating for DC's homeless in mid-June 2006, I've critiqued all four mayors the city has had from my arrival in DC in the summer of 2005 and forward -- Tony Williams (1999-2007), Adrian Fenty (2007-2011), Vince Gray (2011-2015) and Muriel Bowser (2015-2019). It makes sense for any of them to challenge me to do better than them; but, none has done that. Even so, I'll make as though they did and show them how much better I can do as the only anti-gentrification mayor that the city has had since at least as fr back as 1999 when the late Marion Barry left that office.

Who knows??? This may be the moment that God h…