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Right 2 Survive: An "Imperial" Moral Imperative

"People 'knead' all of these 'ingredients' at once and simultaneously to make the 'bread of life'.....and not just to 'loaf' around, Government!!!"
Being the analytical man that I am and having the memory that I do, I tend to juxtapose a lot of issues -- to "knead" them together and to create a "big picture" of life today and in the foreseeable future. Some would oversimplify the matter by saying that I speak in a "convoluted" matter. I beg to differ. Yet, to such detractors I will tip my hat politely (possibly show their age and IQ with a middle digit impolitely) and pass on by.

This post promises to be interesting, as I show the connections between the lack of affordable housing, the existence of food deserts in the U.S., the threat to Guam, the aftermath of recent hurricanes, the U.S. government's slow response to crises, tRumpism 101, the rise of China as the next world power and the contribution of neglec…