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Let's Fight Tent City Demolition Until Mayor Muriel Bowser Creates 5,000+ Affordable Units Yearly

Washington, DC's homeless PEOPLE, with what little bit they own, are "in jeopardy" again, as the city prepares to demolish tent cities (and metropolises) all over DC beginning on June 20th, 2017. (I put the word "PEOPLE" in all caps; because, capitalists -- especially those in local government -- like to dehumanize certain sectors of society in order to gain public support for their draconian policies.) Behold the sign below which you might have seen duplicates of if you live or work in Washington, DC. It indicates that the tent city which it is near will be demolished on or after June 20th, 2017 -- thereby causing those who have very little to have even less, or even nothing. Identical signs with the same date are posted near multiple tent cities across DC.

The "answer to the question" is "This can be accomplished through the creation of affordable housing.....a lot of affordable housing". The "question to the answer" is "Ho…

How This Homeless Man and Others Spend Money vs Government Spending on Homelessness -- Mayor Muriel Bowser

[S]omewhere between $3,000 and $5,000 of guaranteed annual income is necessary for any homeless person to have -- while homeless.
Someone recently had me read Chapter Two of a book called "Utopia for Realists" where author Rutger Bergman makes the case for a "universal basic income" or "guaranteed minimum income". It points out that government spends so much on social services with their well-paid employees who set painfully high bars for the poor who participate in these programs; and, it suggests that maybe government should just give this program money directly to the poor -- no strings attached.

When you factor in the failed plans to end homelessness -- like DC's 10-year plan of 2004 called "Homeless No More" and its failing current plan called "Homeward DC", that only strengthens the case for a guaranteed minimum income. As far as high bars are concerned, DC has a "Rapid Re-Housing" (RRH) program wherein 45% of the h…

Create Political "Pre-Sequences and Pre-Percussions"!!! -- Mayor Muriel Bowser

"Let us forgo the foolishness and ineffectiveness of friendly advocacy." "Power concedes nothing without a DEMAND....."
"If the recent wave of standoffish manners of some government officials and the passive-aggressiveness of others are any indications, then that means the Bowser administration is smarting from the narrative that I'm putting forth in both written and spoken word."
So much for there being political "consequences and repercussions". DC voters need to start now creating political "pre-sequences and pre-percussions". Voting a mayor out because he or she didn't do a good job (however one might define that) has never caused the next mayor to actually do a good job -- or even a better one.

Former DC mayor Vince Gray went so far as to organize a One City Summit on February 11th, 2012 -- to the tune of $600,000 -- so that he could hear the concerns of …

It's Mind Over Matter: Another Failed 5-Year Plan -- DC Mayor Muriel Bowser

"It's mind over matter. I don't mind; 'cause, you don't matter" (A dismissive remark sometimes said to someone who is expressing anger)
So, the good news here is that I'm ever more convinced with each passing day that DC Government's ICH (Inter-agency Council on Homelessness) sees the work of advocates in general and myself in particular as posing a major threat to the status quo of costly failures by well-paid derelicts -- which the city's five-year plan called "Homeward DC" is on track to become. This is due, in part, to the impending cuts to the federal safety net programs and, in part, to major missteps by the administration of DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. As we approach the two-year mark in the five-year plan with about 200 more homeless people than we started with, it's beginning to look as though this plan will suffer the same fate as the 10-year plan of 2004 which a group of poverty pimps simply ignored after three years.

Even so,…

Use Media to Force a Gentrifying Mayor to End Homelessness & Housing Insecurity -- Mayor Muriel Bowser

Announcement: Street Sense -- DC's newspaper about homelessness and poverty -- will hold a meeting with journalists to discuss how media covers homelessness. See the unadulterated announcement below:

Community Meeting for Reporters & People Experiencing Homelessness Tuesday, May 23 | ​4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Church of the Epiphany sanctuary (1317 G Street NW, Metro Center)
This meeting is a precursor to a June 29th event that is intended to identify solutions to homelessness. ************************************************************************** DC's current and future mayors Muriel Bowser and Karl Racine received the following. Maybe he'll learn from her mistakes and do better...starting now.

Below are six ideas as to how DC homeless advocates might politicize homelessness and force the mayor to come up with real solutions. If we play our cards right, then Ms. Bowser's …

Tick Tock Sheptock: Philanthropists, Stop Funding Government's Failures! Fund Real Solutions to Homelessness! -- Mayor Muriel Bowser

Philanthropists, Stop Funding Government's Failures! Fund Real Solutions to Homelessness! -- Mayor Muriel Bowser

In this post I'll show that well-meaning, kind-hearted philanthropists who fund some of Washington, DC's non-profits that "serve" the homeless are unwittingly aiding and abetting government failures and corruption indirectly. I'll also offer better places to put your money. (Since I'm enumerating government's failures, this post promises to be both long and incomplete.)

To be completely fair, it must be said that some of the systemic flaws that have reared their ugly heads during the administration of DC Mayor Muriel Bowser actually predate 2015. Even so, it is the job of the current executive to fix those problems, lest she become a willing accomplice. More than half way through her term, she has failed to fix what's broken. Before delving into the flaws that cause philanthropic funds not to be put to good use, let's develop a vision that can serve to measure DC Government's success or failure when it comes to making homelessness "rare …

PIT Count Results Are In: DC's FIVE-year Plan (2015-2020) Might End Homelessness by 2026 -- Muriel Bowser

(There was a tech issue with the first hyperlink containing the count results. I've linked the longer regional report in its place.)

The results of Washington, DC's January 2017 Point-in-Time Homeless enumeration are in. The general public might see it in the headlines by Friday, May 12th; as, government needs time to decide on the narrative they'll put forth to explain the results. Here's mine:

NOTE: The count is always done at the end of January and results are released around May 10th to 15th.

2017: 7,473 people (A one-year, 10.5% decrease of 877 people)
2016: 8,350 people (It was said later that we missed at least 330 people; but gov is still using 8,350 figure.)
2015:  7,298 people (Muriel Bowser became mayor on January 2nd, 2015.)
2014: 7,748 people
2013: 6,859 people
2012: 6,954 people
2011: 6,546 people (Vince Gray became mayor on January 2nd, 2011.)
2010: 6,539 people
2009: 6,228 people
2008: 6,044 people
2007: 5,757 people (Mr. Adrian Fenty whose protege Muriel Bo…

Fight Capitalism With Capitalism: Self-inflicted Political Wounds

Banita Jacks of DC killed her four children in the summer of 2007, their bodies being found during a January 2008 eviction. Six social service employees were fired by then-mayor Adrian Fenty himself for failing to adequately serve this family whose issues were known to them. Ms. Jacks was eventually convicted of murder; and, DC settled with the family for $2.6M.  Sadly, there are other stories of child neglect and abuse that don’t necessarily rise to the level of this one wherein Child and Family Services has been made aware of the familial problems should have learned the signs of exacerbation and developed a system of appropriate, timely interventions.
Fast-forward to 2011. Denise Gibson gave birth to a son on February 10th and spent the whole first month of his life homeless and unsheltered due to social service providers breaking a law that requires them to put families with children in hotel rooms when the DC General Family shelter is full. Denise had been taken from her mother wh…