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A Possible Job Opportunity For The Homeless

I have a couple of good things to report today. First of all, I have landed a part-time job, as indicated by my most recent video. Secondly, DC Government's Dept. of Employment Services (DOES) has begun to collaborate with several homeless advocates in an effort to employ more of the homeless population. The homeless are faced with numerous barriers to employment. The developing world-wide depression only serves to compound the already difficult task of employing the homeless. Therefore, DC Government's willingness to work with the advocacy community when we approached them is a welcome gesture, for what it's worth.

As for my job, I must admit that it just fell into my lap. A friend came to me and described the job and the hours. He asked me whether or not I had experience using a floor buffer and told me that the woman doing the hiring was his friend. I began my part-time janitorial job in NE Washington, DC. on April 21st.

Some would say that I am under-employed insomuch as…

MY NEW JOB and A Chronology of the Franklin School Shelter Closure

First of all, I recently landed a new job. The most recent video on the right side of my blog shows me speaking with my new boss. This job, which I began on April 21st, as well as the many meetings and other events that I attend have kept me from doing much blogging lately.

(Homeless advocacy involves a lot of meetings and plenty of footwork. The footwork is compounded if you are a homeless homeless advocate who lacks funds for public transportation.)

In the little bit of time that I was able to squeeze in for blogging today I decided to copy and paste a slightly edited version of an e-mail that I originally sent as an answer to someone's questions about the Franklin School Shelter closure process. I hope you find it to be interesting.

Soon I will blog about my new job as well as efforts by several homeless advocates to collaborate with DC Government and create a comprehensive process for employing the homeless. Until then.....

The mayor announced his plan for ending chronic homele…

Homeless Women Put Out Of Shelter And Into Rain And Thunderstorms

Spring is here!!!!! Many people are getting spring fever. For some it means that they will tend to the garden. Others will go to the Cherry Blossom Festival. Some will paint the house. Then there are those who will do some spring cleaning. This final group includes DC Government and the DC homeless shelters.

For most people the onset of spring is a time of great pleasure. For the homeless it means that they lose their right to shelter. DC Law only gives the homeless a right to shelter if the temperature is 32 and below or 95 and above (including the wind chill factor or heat index). So long as the temperature remains between 33 and 94, there is no right to shelter in our nation's crapital. The homeless are put out of shelter and into the rain quite often. Some shelter employees will allow people to come in if it is raining hard enough. However, they do this at their own discretion and risk, with many insurance policies not covering the shelters during usual off hours except during …