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My Black Hole

This was my first ever blog post on June 21st 2008. I just added some hyperlinks on August 8th, 2014. Judging by the contents of this post, I'd say some things never change (or not by much anyway).

ORIGINAL POST with hyperlinks added:

On Thursday, June 12th, I attended the ICH meeting at the CCNV Shelter. During the first of 2 comment periods, I described the lack of effective communication between the homeless and DC Government. A colleague of mine asked me to type my words so that they can be published. I've obliged.My explanation went something like this:

I attended the December 17th ICH hearing at the MLK Library. During that hearing, a man named Chris raised the idea of the homeless and DC Gov. sitting across the table from each other and having complete and comprehensive conversations. He mentioned how that the homeless come to meetings like this one or to the ICH hearings and voice their concerns. However they never get any answers to their questions or responses to th…