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Dear President Barack Hussein Obama,

I would like to remind you of a former effort of yours that you seem to have all but forgotten. On October 25th 2006, you sent two (2) men from your senatorial office in the Hart Building to the Franklin School Shelter so that they could tour the facility and be informed on the issue of homelessness. Their names were Ian Solomon and Nicholas Colvin. The tour was led by the Committee To Save Franklin Shelter (CSFS), a group that was later incorporated as Until We're Home, inc
( ), a non-profit that spoke up for the rights of homeless people and advocated for solutions to homelessness. I was the field marshal/public relations specialist for the group, which has now been dissolved. After the tour, we never heard back from either man. We were left to assume that they were just part of an exploratory mission to see what platform you would run your campaign on.

Nonetheless, homelessness remains a major problem in this an…

GOOD NEWS: The ICH is moving things along // (ALSO: a quick note about the new transit system cards)

I've earned a name as a bulldog who goes at DC Government rather hard and exposes their shortcomings. I actually like having that type of reputation. Criticism can be constructive and pressure people into doing better. I believe that I, along with other like-minded people, have contributed to the betterment of the ICH (Inter-agency Council on Homelessness). A compliment is ever so slightly overdue. It is my determination that people should take a less adversarial stance against the ICH and do more to partner with them so as to better serve DC's poor and homeless population. (Make no mistake. I am in no way, shape, form or fashion telling you to be nice to the mayor. He and the ICH are by no means on the same page.)

The ICH met on December 11th at the N street Village Women's Shelter. (Schroeder Stribling is a great hostess.) However, prior to the usual ICH meeting, there was a new addition -- a homeless persons' rountable discussion during which the homeless and s…