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The Pope in DC Means Hope in DC

In case you don't follow the news and didn't see my first blog in three months yesterday, Pope Francis will visit the Untied States later this month. Though my church of the past 10 years is Episcopal (also called "Catholic Light"), I am all over this pope -- as are many non-Catholics. He epitomizes the anti-Capitalist principles of Christ -- which is surprising when you consider the fact that he comes from a country whose economic system is similar to ours. Then again, it's not so surprising when you consider the fact that Latin America has given us such saintly people as Oscar Romero and Hugo Chavez -- the latter being more of a revolutionary, and thus, more my type. I can appreciate the pope's penchant for confronting Capitalism -- even if he isn't calling for full-on revolution. That said, global Capitalism is the root of much social injustice and many other evils in the world.
I don't know what the pope will say to Congress or to the g…

Pope Francis, Atheist America and Rampant Idiocy

Kim Davis refused to issue same-sex marriages, claiming that it went against her religious beliefs. That set off a national firestorm of responses and put her small, quiet Kentucky town on the political map irreversibly. Social media is fraught with comments about the separation of church and state and people's disdain or support for Kim Davis. All of this is taking place even as Pope Francis plans to tour all three cities that have served as U.S. capitals -- and on feeding the homeless of our nation's current capital while here. Sadly, this public pubic debate is exposing the idiocy that decades of poor education have rendered in the U.S.
I have no particular interest in Kim Davis. I don't laud her for taking a stand against gay marriage. I'm actually indifferent to the gay marriage issue. (From an anti-gay perspective, it makes more sense to be against sodomy and lesbian sex than it does to try to prevent those who already live the LGBT lifestyle -- sex i…