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Fight Capitalism With Capitalism: Self-inflicted Political Wounds

Banita Jacks of DC killed her four children in the summer of 2007, their bodies being found during a January 2008 eviction. Six social service employees were fired by then-mayor Adrian Fenty himself for failing to adequately serve this family whose issues were known to them. Ms. Jacks was eventually convicted of murder; and, DC settled with the family for $2.6M.  Sadly, there are other stories of child neglect and abuse that don’t necessarily rise to the level of this one wherein Child and Family Services has been made aware of the familial problems should have learned the signs of exacerbation and developed a system of appropriate, timely interventions.
Fast-forward to 2011. Denise Gibson gave birth to a son on February 10th and spent the whole first month of his life homeless and unsheltered due to social service providers breaking a law that requires them to put families with children in hotel rooms when the DC General Family shelter is full. Denise had been taken from her mother wh…