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Below is my testimony that I will read before Councilman Tommy Wells on Halloween (tomorrow). It tells what a debacle and a fiasco DC's version of Housing first is. Read it and weep.


I would like to begin by reminding you, Councilman Wells, that we discussed Permanent Supportive Housing on September 19th during the Winter Plan Hearing, due to the Winter Plan having not been ready at that time. At that time, I pointed out to you that people with serious drug problems were being housed through the fiasco known as “Housing First” and were abusing the system. I told you that I had not been offered housing though I’ve been at Franklin Shelter for over 3 years. (I have actually been homeless elsewhere for much longer.) You asked me whether or not I would accept housing if it were offered to me. I said, “Yes”.

Well, I still haven’t been housed. However, those who still have dru…

My Testimony Pertaining To The Elimination Of The Housing Authority Waitlist

The following is my testimony that I read before Councilman Marion Barry (Ward 8) at a hearing on October 16th. The hearing had to do with DC Government's proposed elimination of the Housing Authority's waitlist, which some people have been on for over a decade while waiting for housing.

I, Eric Sheptock, am against the elimination of the housing authority’s waitlist for a number of reasons, not the least of which is mismanagement by the Dept. of Human Services (DHS)of the Permanent Supportive Housing Program. It is my understanding that 350 housing choice vouchers were transferred from the Section 8 program to the Permanent Supportive Housing Program, the latter of which is a program that was designed to house DC’s chronic homeless population, ostensibly anyway. It is important to note that the mayor has not created any additional housing. He has essentially robbed Peter to pay Paul. To make matters worse, the voucher program is being managed much less efficiently afte…


On the night of October 9th, 2008, several homeless men including myself witnessed police brutality at the 801 East (MLK, Jr.) Homeless Shelter. It is quite possible that the staff and/or security exhibited gross negligence and dereliction of duties. I was able to gather information after everything was over that indicated that the incident could've been avoided.

There had been an altercation between 2 residents at the shelter around 10 PM. One resident hit another. Having been alerted by the loud arguing, Hawk One Security arrived on the scene and was able to pull the men apart before a return blow could be thrown. They eventually had the victim who'd been attacked by the other resident to go to bed. He slept in my dorm. I couldn't see what became of his attacker. He slept in another dorm. I assume that he was allowed to return to his bed as well. I was told that the victim's name was Michael Williams and his attacker was named Rob.

In accordance with protoc…

How To Get A Meeting With Mayor Fenty

Page 54 of the October 2008 issue of Hill Rag contains an article about DC Mayor Adrian Fenty which aptly describes what I know to be true about him. As he indicated during a meeting that he held with ONE DC ( a grassroots organizer)on October 8th, 2008, he can be headstrong and assertive. (I attended that meeting as a collaborator, though I am not a member of ONE DC.)However, what stood out to me was a certain consistency that I see in how one can get a meeting with the mayor. In order to help you to better understand what I am about to explain, I must take you back about 6 weeks and explain an earlier attempt to meet with the mayor.

On August 19th, 2008, approximately 30 people -- homeless people, homeless advocates and supporters from local churches and the DC community at large -- did a walk-around at the Wilson Building (City Hall). It consisted of us going to the offices of the various city council members to present our cause: keeping Franklin Shelter open for the homeless …


From: Eric Sheptock
Subject: A Dangerous, Illegal Mode of Transportation To and From the 801 East Shelter.....

To: "Adrian Fenty" , "Adrian Fenty" , "Adrian Fenty" , "Adrian Fenty"

3 of his e-mails disappear when I publish the post. Use the 1 that remains to contact him about the following situations.

Also read the post below this one if you haven't already. It explains "Sheptock vs. Fenty", the court case around re-opening Franklin Shelter. I feel honored to have my name on a court case against a lying, insidious "mayor that doesn't care".

Date: Saturday, October 4, 2008, 12:17 PM

The men who reside at the 801 East shelter on the grounds of St. Elizabeth's Hospital are being transported in a manner that is both dangerous and illegal. I plan to contact the police about it if nothing is done and I mean like yesterday, Mayor Fenty.


You are free to forward, post and publish the following informa…

Update on Franklin Shelter lawsuit, filed on behalf of former inhabitants of Franklin Shelter.

There will a status hearing with Judge Retchin in courtroom 516 on
Wednesday, Oct. 8, at 9:30am in Superior Court, 500 Indiana Ave, NW,
WDC to schedule a hearing on the merits of motion for a preliminary
injunction (to reopen Franklin Shelter). Plaintiffs (old and new) will
meet at MLK library on Monday, Oct 6, at 5:00 pm. Anyone interested in
either helping with the logistics of the lawsuit(s), or joining the
lawsuit as plaintiffs, please come by MLK on Monday night or send your
contact info to us.

We alleged violation of a few statutes (4-753.01 and 4-754.2, requiring
the city to prepare adequately to provide shelter for those in need
when the temperature is freezing and below), and 10-801 (Surplusing
Act: requiring public input and economic accountability by the mayor
prior to changing the disposition of a public property) (e.g. prior to
shuttering the shelter and preparing it for sale to developers), as
well as procedural due process violations (in denying persons

Sheptock vs. Fenty (An Update On The Franklin Shelter Lawsuit)

I, Eric Sheptock, posted a message from an e-mail that the lawyer who is handling this case pro bono sent me. She is even coming out of pocket for the court fees. Bless her heart.

Update on Franklin Shelter lawsuit, filed on behalf of former
inhabitants of Franklin Shelter.

We alleged violation of a few statutes, two dealing with the
requirement that the city provide shelter for those in need when the
temperature is freezing and below, and the other one requiring public
input when changing the disposition of a public property, as well as
procedural due process violations.

We had a hearing which took place at Superior Court on Sept. 29 and 30
before Judge Duncan-Peters and lasted about 8 hours in total. It was
concerning a motion filed for a temporary restraining order (TRO) to
try to reopen the shelter and would have lasted for 10 days.

The TRO was denied for several reasons, some of which I will elaborate.
Four prongs must be satisfied for a TRO, and the judge felt we
satisfied two of…