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Let's Fight Tent City Demolition Until Mayor Muriel Bowser Creates 5,000+ Affordable Units Yearly

Washington, DC's homeless PEOPLE, with what little bit they own, are "in jeopardy" again, as the city prepares to demolish tent cities (and metropolises) all over DC beginning on June 20th, 2017. (I put the word "PEOPLE" in all caps; because, capitalists -- especially those in local government -- like to dehumanize certain sectors of society in order to gain public support for their draconian policies.) Behold the sign below which you might have seen duplicates of if you live or work in Washington, DC. It indicates that the tent city which it is near will be demolished on or after June 20th, 2017 -- thereby causing those who have very little to have even less, or even nothing. Identical signs with the same date are posted near multiple tent cities across DC.

The "answer to the question" is "This can be accomplished through the creation of affordable housing.....a lot of affordable housing". The "question to the answer" is "Ho…

How This Homeless Man and Others Spend Money vs Government Spending on Homelessness -- Mayor Muriel Bowser

[S]omewhere between $3,000 and $5,000 of guaranteed annual income is necessary for any homeless person to have -- while homeless.
Someone recently had me read Chapter Two of a book called "Utopia for Realists" where author Rutger Bergman makes the case for a "universal basic income" or "guaranteed minimum income". It points out that government spends so much on social services with their well-paid employees who set painfully high bars for the poor who participate in these programs; and, it suggests that maybe government should just give this program money directly to the poor -- no strings attached.

When you factor in the failed plans to end homelessness -- like DC's 10-year plan of 2004 called "Homeless No More" and its failing current plan called "Homeward DC", that only strengthens the case for a guaranteed minimum income. As far as high bars are concerned, DC has a "Rapid Re-Housing" (RRH) program wherein 45% of the h…