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DC Dept. Of Employment Services: Working to End Homelessness

A Howard University Sociology professor whose Marxist study group I was part of (though I'v never been a university student) used to say:

"There are 20 years that don't make a day; then, there's that day that makes 20 years  [worth of effort]".
When about a dozen men -- including myself -- began advocating against the closure of the Franklin School Shelter in June 2006, one of our arguments was that Franklin's location in downtown and near many public transportation options made it a perfect location for the working homeless to get to and from work. Additionally, my personal efforts to get city officials to address the employment challenges of homeless people are well-documented on-line as far back as mid-2009 -- with similarly documented efforts by my advocacy colleagues going back about that far as well. I now have some great news: DC Government has heard our cries and is beginning to take action!!!

As you may well know by now, Obama signed the Workforce Inn…