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Attorney-General Karl Racine’s Work for DC’s Poor and Homeless Community

What I believe is the worst possible outcome of ever-blue DC’s local 2018 elections:
If Mayor Muriel Bowser were to win re-election and Attorney-General Karl Racine were to lose, then the city’s gentrification would likely be finalized and become irreversible. Someone who won the seat as the city’s chief executive in the 2014 primary with only 11% of the Democratic base would have gone on to win re-election due to the lack of viable opposition (possibly with an even smaller slice of the electorate) in 2018. Her decisions aside, this gives her full run of the house to do as she pleases. For her part, Muriel Bowser would very likely resubmit some of her legislative suggestions which are designed to have negative impacts on the city’s poor and she would be guaranteed to have some degree of success at getting the DC Council to pass such bills into law. She might succeed at keeping the Department of Open Government (DOG) under her authority (as opposed to having DOG made a part of the elect…

Is Mayor Muriel Bowser Making DC More Mafia-like??? Or Just a Municipal Dictatorship???

Among any fascistic mayor's greatest fears: You speaking to the media and writing in ways that resonate with the general public
Is DC Mayor Muriel Bowser making DC into a Mafia-style crime syndicate (or just more so than when she took office in 2015)??? Or is she Hell-bent on functioning as a dictator(ette)???
They're both fair questions; and, they're not mutually exclusive. Before I begin to explain why I ask them, I'll point out that I'm not one for hyperbole or sensationalism -- having an extreme hatred for both. So, I gave deep and lengthy consideration to the matters stated herein and to how I'd frame the issues. I've taken much care to ensure that I don't exaggerate or misstate anything. However, I'm guessing that, at this juncture, 100% of the 137M American voters who didn't vote for Trump (66M for Clinton, 8M Independent/3rd-party and 63M who stayed home) and at least 60% of the 63M who voted for him would now say that it's not an exagg…

ACTION ALERT: Hang Hand-Made Signs Supporting JEREMIAH STANBACK for DC Mayor

ACTION ALERT: At least 10,000 of Washington, DC's 145,000 food stamp recipients and other struggling residents should hang hand-made back-to-back signs that say "Vote JEREMIAH STANBACK for DC Mayor on June 19th, 2018" on light and sign poles in their respective  neighborhoods. If 10,000 poor and dispossessed people of conscience in DC would each invest in two to four pairs of signs, we could generate enough name recognition for one of incumbent mayoral candidate Muriel Bowser's 11 little-known Democratic primary contenders to give her the run for her money -- i.e. her $2 million campaign war chest. This tactic is especially important in the final month before the election. So, in mid-May (10th to 15th) when you read the annual Washington Post article about the number of homeless people that the city counted this past January, remember that it's time to hang those signs and create some competition for Ms. Bowser -- if you haven't already done so by then.