Unsafe permanent Supportive Housing Units

Below are a couple of e-mail messages that I sent about a man that was feared dead shortly after receiving Permanent Supportive Housing. HE TURNED OUT TO HAVE SURVIVED A BRUTAL ATTACK AND REMAINS IN THE HOSPITAL. However, if something isn't done quickly, the next person might not be so lucky.

Read them and weep..........


In the few minutes that I have I wanted to let you know that I received credible info from Pat Handy, the DHS Homeless Services Coordinator, that Tommy Overton was indeed badly beaten but is very much alive. He is in the hospital. DC Gov., take this as a warning. it could've been much worse. I will send a more detailed message later letting all who I told about Tommy Overton that he is still alive. Bear in mind that I received this news around 6:30 PM yesterday. It doesn't mean yet that he couldn't've taken a turn for the worse or that he won't die; but, as far as I know, he's alive.


You are free to forward, publish and post the following. Media personnel, I hope that you choose to do some investigative journalism, especially since DC Government is so secretive and opaque (as opposed to being transparent). I hope to embarrASS them -- with honesty.

Unsafe permanent Supportive Housing Units

I recently received an e-mail from a concerned homeless advocate who used to be homeless himself. he feared that a comrade of his might've been murdered right after moving into Permanent Supportive Housing. The good news is that, while the man had been badly beaten, he did live. The bad news is that he was beaten and that there were precursors that should've alerted DC Government to the imminent threat. (I don't know whether the attack was random or the result of an altercation.) However, many homeless people who have been offered housing have turned in their keys to DHS. Some have had rats and roaches, while others have been placed in violent, drug-ridden neighborhoods. I personally spoke to a man who returned his keys twice due to their having been murders and other serious crimes on his block while he lived there in his Permanent Supportive Housing. Many homeless advocates including myself have told DC government about the problems with PSH. Councilman Tommy Wells seems to be in denial. He stated on Halloween that he has heard many stories of people selling their furniture, appliances and vouchers but hasn't received proof-positive to that effect. Many of us have also complained about the unsafe neighborhoods and other problems. Let's bear in mind how opaque and secretive the Fenty administration is. That makes it impossible to prove much of anything. He is protecting the confidentiality of housing recipients to the extent that he won't even tell the total number of people that have lost or given up their housing (which wouldn't violate the rules of confidentiality). So much for the transparency that he promised during his campaign. I'm glad that the man who was beaten lived. However, it really could've been much worse. I plan to keep this beating in the face of DC Government in hopes of it beating certain ones down mentally (Fenty especially). Let's hope that he doesn't die. He is presently in the hospital. I'm not sure as to how bad off he is. Let's warrant against this happening anymore.


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