A QUICK UPDATE: Franklin Court Case and Another POSSIBLE Shelter Closure (CCNV)

The court case is still on-going. After the hearing on January 30th, we returned for a motion for summary judgment on February 3rd. The judge gave us until February 17th to file any addition paperwork with the court before she makes a decision.We are presently gathering information pertaining to property that people were not allowed to retrieve when Franklin School shelter was closed as well as services that they no longer get now that Franklin is closed. The good news is that the case is still in court and we still have a chance to win and possibly collect damages.

I have received highly credible information that the mayor might be trying to shut down the Federal City Shelter at 2nd and D streets, NW in DC. It is also known as CCNV (the Community for Creative Non-Violence). The building houses 1,500 homeless people. It was made into a homeless shelter due to the activism of Mitch Snyder and many others. (You can google "CCNV" and read all about it on-line.) Mayor Adrian Fenty has developed a pattern of closing homeless shelters without creating adequate replacements or sufficient housing. He is catering to the rich developers, to the detriment of the poor and homeless. He must be stopped dead in his tracks. Stay tuned for further updates. I will know for certain on or after February 9th whether or not Mayor Fenty is in the process of closing another homeless shelter.


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