The Enemy We Need: Donald Trump (Or A Different Dictator)

Let's be clear: I don't like Donald Trump. Truth be told, it's not because he is an aspiring dictator. After all, I liked Hugo Chavez BECAUSE he tried to become a benevolent dictator who operated above the fray of congressional bickering and BECAUSE he succeeded and sending the message to greedy capitalists that, if they harvested oil or other resources from Venezuela, they would have to put money into his country's economy and thereby help the poor. Dictators tend to be very organized thinkers who are good at uniting their administrations under consistent themes that run across all departments of their respective governments. A certain friend who is retired from USAID has told me that he felt safe while walking the streets of Moscow at 2 AM when Russia had a dictator; but, he wouldn't dare do that now. He emphasized that dictators don't tolerate street crime. That said, a dictator is as good as his theme/agenda. In a free country like the “Untied States” people tend to use “freedom to be dumb”. We need someone to dictate sensibility and to thereby reverse the dumbing down of America as well as the assertive stupidity that causes people to freely spew their anti-intellectual feelings. Let's stop throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

That brings me back to the issue of Donald Trump. On Christmas 2015 I walked into the TV room and saw a show called “AKA” for the first time. I watched about 10 minutes of it. The two female commentators and a lone male discussed the fact that Donald Trump caused the ratings of Saturday Night Live to skyrocket. One of them made the point that it is because Trump, with his outrageousness, makes people think. He raises the issues that common people are concerned with, even if his proposed solutions are totally off the wall. He gets people talking about various political issues. Coincidentally, that's what I've been saying since a month or two after he began his presidential bid. However, I always add that the conversation can BEGIN with what he says; but, it damn sure shouldn't end there. I love the fact that Trump can make mentally lazy people in numerous countries think, but only as long as they don't think too much like him.

To be sure, some of the readers of this blog post have mixed feelings about me at this point. These readers, on the one hand, are probably opposed to dictatorship irrespective of its proven benefits and would rather deal with the problems associated with “dumb-ocracy”. On the other hand, they too dislike Donald Trump. These readers might even claim to be Christians while, at the same time, failing to realize that the Bible gives both direct and indirect support for dictatorship. They're probably the same lot of people who fail to realize that John 3:18 (just two verses after the most-quoted Bible scripture) can very easily be used by Muslims to make the case that the Bible supports the killing of infidels. (It's such a short jump that they wouldn't need to do as much “interpreting” as Christians do when trying to make the case that God is loving.) This speaks volumes to the fact that people don't think enough. The Jihadists don't just have the U.S. Government outsmarted. They are more in touch with the tenets of their professed faith than Christians are with THEIRS. (After all, Christian theologians are STILL debating whether God and Jesus are one being or two.)

Donald Trump has exhibited “ethnic cleansing tendencies” with his statements about banning all Muslims from entering the U.S. and his stereotypical statements about all Mexicans being rapists and killers. (I guess he'd rather have Americans perpetrate those crimes against other Americans. It's just so much worse when a foreigner/alien does it. Huh???) He's been labeled a misogynist – an accusation I'm not fully convinced is true. (Let's be accurate and hate him for who he really is, not for who he isn't.) I actually like what he said about how he hires women in high-ranking positions and expects as much from them as he expects from men who hold similar positions. This falls right in line with what the military recently said about allowing any woman who passes the same grueling test as a man to hold positions that have only been held by men hereto now. Women have commended me for speaking to them like they have sense – for not being condescending, patronizing or over-nurturing. After all, equality is neither granted nor earned. It's “EXHIBITED” when a person demonstrates that they can and will think and act on the same level as those to whom they choose to be equal. While I am opposed to Trump's ethnic cleansing tendencies, I am all for treating women as equals to men. (That's why I talk reason – not emotion – to women.)

Though the Donald has stolen the spotlight, he is not the sole reason as to why the Democratic Party's concern with wealth inequality has taken a back seat to the concerns around terrorism. Simply put, wealth inequality is a QUALITY-of-life issue; but, terrorism is a PRESERVATION-of-life issue. The latter “trumps” the former on the world's list of priorities. That's a given. The recent attacks in Paris and San Bernadino forced us to focus our attention on terrorism once again. Unfortunately, our government would rather fight for Americans' right to practice the religion of their choosing than to call an international religious summit where we can figure out which religion is correct or most accurate. Maybe they're afraid that many people will come to realize that it was God who empowered Samson to become the most “explosive” suicide bomber in the temple of Dagon where Samson killed 10,000 people as he himself died. Maybe it's the other grim realities which we'd be forced to realize which they're avoiding teasing out – satisfying emotions by not bringing these ugly truths to the surface. We'll continue to be victimized by terrorism unless and until we gain an accurate understanding of what God demands of us and we rout all false religion from the world. The process involves wrapping our heads around some ugly truths. I believe this quite firmly and irreversibly.

Not only does the Bible tell us that God is a dictator. It also says that Christ the son will “rule with a rod of iron” and eliminate his opposition (or have them eliminated FOR him). It is for these and other reasons that I tell attendees at my church's Bible study that Americans are inconsistent when they speak against dictatorship while worshiping a dictatorial God and His son (who is a separate being, by the way). Revelation tells us that Jesus, like many earthly dictators, will not tolerate crime. As a matter of fact, people will die for a lot more than murder one – as was the case in the Old Testament too. Nonetheless, Christians see Jesus as “the savior”. Jesus said his burden is light – when compared to God's I suppose. Christ may very well seem like a savior to those who are bothered by the activities listed in Revelation as being unpermitted on the New Earth. These activities include murder. Since Jesus will have proven himself to have been the son of God, there will be no more need for Jihad. Therefore, those who kill infidels without having received direct orders from Christ to do so will qualify as murderers and will themselves be eliminated.

To be fair, I should point out that Jesus was a Communist who cared for the poor, spoke out against the hording of wealth and even killed a couple for failing to comply with the first-century church's agenda for income equality. In spite of his apparent fierceness, he DOES have a heart for the poor in spirit. Earthly dictators should follow his example and be found faithful when he comes back.

It stands to reason that Donald Trump wouldn't be a very Christ-like dictator. Like Mitt Romney, he is more likely to eliminate social programs without ensuring that all able-bodied people have direct paths to living-wage employment, affordable housing and the various necessities of life – to just pull the rug out from under poor people as a way of making them “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” (as if that EVER works). His domestic policies would drive us into a revolution; even as his foreign policies would drive us into World War III. If he becomes the Republican nominee, I hope that people will come out against him even more fiercely than they came out against Romney in 2012. (Yes, there were groups which, in addition to campaigning FOR Barack Obama were actively campaigning AGAINST Mitt Romney – expressing concern with his desire to eliminate social programs.) We'll see what happens come June 2016. I'm sure some people are planning for the worst even now.

This much is certain: we need a dictator. America's “freedom to be dumb” isn't working well for anyone. Such a dictator would either need to move us toward understanding the truth about God (through a religious summit) or be willing to fight Jihadists indefinitely. Such a dictator would need to overpower congressional bickering by being decisive. Such a dictator would need to adjoin related policies that should be considered conjuctively such as minimum wage and price controls or decreasing social services and creating a sure path to living-wage employment. Such a dictator would need to work hard at making government more functional. Such a dictator would need to be mean. Such a dictator would need to be a deep thinker. Such a dictator would need to force a sensible set of principles upon people.

Ben Carson is way too soft and sweet to even rule the island of Lesbos (the fictional home of Wonder Woman???). Donald Trump doesn't think deeply enough. Other candidates from either party, though they don't make the mark, are closer than either of these two (which isn't saying much).....

.....But, if we can't get an effective leader in the White House, we might need to settle for Donald Trump so that he can teach the country and the world the hard lessons they need to learn. You can learn a lot from a dummy. Trump (or another dictator) may be the enemy we need.

Though you might disagree with my conclusions concerning God, politics and their inextricability, you MUST agree that those who obey the violent tenets of their respective faiths have forced the world to realize that there is a strong and logical connection between religion and violence. A true zeal for God has caused many to kill, with some being rewarded or complimented by God after doing so. Religion, by its very nature, is the central element in the minds of those who practice it. When a person is fully devoted to God, they do their best to ensure that this devotion is reflected in all aspects of their lives (and possibly their deaths). Religion is a powerful force. Bush 43 realized that following the attacks of 9/11. He floated the idea of censoring religions so as to control those “who preach hatred”. (What about those who read scripture for themselves and draw the same conclusions as those who have been “radicalized” by Al-Qaida or ISIS???) In any instance, Donald Trump has begun the conversation in earnest. Let's put on our rational thinking caps and continue that conversation. Don't let Trump have the last word. If he makes us think, he may very well be the dictator we need. That said, I still prefer Hillary Clinton.

Think, people. Think.
No matter how much it hurts your head or your feelings.....


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