The Death of Donald Trump

I apologize if the title gave you any false hope. I have no Earthly reason to believe that Donald J. Trump will die in the foreseeable future. [Sob!!!] I surely am not taking any steps to bring about his death. Though it would make many Americans ecstatic, it would also ensure that the (not-so-) Secret Service pays me a visit -- guns drawn. That said, this blog post is purely hypothetical and intended to give Americans and the world a ray of hope amidst all of the political and socioeconomic turmoil of our day.

[Just to be clear, I foresee a Clinton/Sanders presidency beginning in 2017 (which I predicted at least six months before the mass media) and Bernie spending his last two years on Earth formulating Wall Street regulations and social service reforms. Let's hope.....and VOTE. After all, a Sanders vice-presidency might have a positive trickle-down effect that makes it easier for DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and other mayors to end homelessness in their respective cities.]

I'm not aware of Donald Trump having any chronic physical illnesses (though he's got a legion of demons and enough mental illness to make Norman Bates envious). Then again he IS filthy rich and nearing 70 years old. So, he's probably got gout, high blood pressure and a few other ailments. One can only hope. However, I'm not banking on any of the conditions that he might have taking him out before November 8th or even January 20th. I'm trusting God to finish off Donald Trump by the end of August 2016. Seriously. Scripture tells us in no uncertain terms that God and/or personified wisdom will laugh at the calamity of evildoers. Proverbs chapter 1 also warns against being greedy and money-hungry. Add to that the fact that a New Testament couple was slain in the church for lying about their finances rather than keeping their money and withdrawing from the church/Jesus like the rich, young ruler did.

For those who think that God is all love, won't laugh at calamity and surely won't bring it, just read Job chapter 1 and Revelation chapter 6. In the book of Job we see that God mentioned Job during His conversation with Satan and then He allowed Satan to kill most of Job's family and all of his livestock -- all over a bet. In Revelation chapter 6 we see that God will send various calamities upon the world in the form of the four horsemen and that "Hades follows close behind". God's propensity for sending calamity and then laughing about it gives me hope -- the hope that He'll decimate the Republican Party by ending the life of Donald Trump in August 2016.

Let's face it: Donald Trump is a loose cannon who, if elected in November, would send shock waves throughout the world. (Let's hope that this is not God's preferred calamity for the world.) Whether Trump wins or loses, the GOP is bound to become more fractured -- the only question there being whether this deeper division will be due to the party failing to regain the White House or due to Trump's policy decisions as president (the latter of which he has failed to adequately articulate hereto now). A Trump presidency would foster more racial tensions -- with Mexicans because of his proposal to build "The Great Wall of America" (taking one from the Chinese playbook) and with Afro-Americans because of the likelihood that he'll destroy the social safety net without creating a clear path to housing-wage jobs for all able-bodied poor people As is the case with Hillary, his election alone would carry more messages and spur more actions by the full American political establishment than anything that he might say or do once inaugurated -- his stance on Blacks notwithstanding. We can be relatively sure that, even as many in the U.K. and Kenya took an interest in the 2008 U.S. presidential election, the Muslim world will be watching the election in November 2016 and determining how they'll respond to a Trump presidency. I'm sure that response won't be very nice. Celebrities and personal friends have said they would leave the country if Trump were elected. (They really should stay and use their resources to finance an anti-Trump revolution -- not abandon the poor.)

So much for the troubles that a Trump presidency would create. Let's consider the benefits of a Trump death AFTER the Republican National Convention but BEFORE November 8th. Were it to happen too close to November 8th, it could lead to the demise of the GOP. [Hooray!!!] However, we wouldn't get to watch them run about frantically in an effort to replace the late Donald J(ackass) Trump. Oh how I love the sound of that....."the late Donald J(ackass) Trump". The GOP would just kind of roll over and die in terms of the 2016 presidential race. They'd then try unsuccessfully to regroup and to retain -- even gain -- seats in the House of Reps in 2018. I'd rather see it happen in August -- the month after the convention.

Were Trump the kick the bucket in August -- the one being used by una Mejicana to scrub the floors of his mansion -- in August, this would send the GOP into a tailspin for a number of reasons. They'd have to consider whether or not to call simultaneous "emergency primaries" in all 50 states and in all U.S. territories; because, were the party leadership and GOP establishment to choose a new candidate without involving the base in the decision, it would deepen the intra-party tensions that were created by the establishment and leadership speaking out against a demagogue who is loved by the GOP base. The GOP would almost have to redo the primaries by mid-October; and, I'd love to watch them scramble.

Then there's the matter of the 16th and final GOP candidate to get knocked off by Trump -- the one who has a missile named after him and wants to carpet-bomb ISIS into oblivion. I guess Ted Cruz doesn't realize that the carpet-bombed Muslims would go down in history as martyrs whose deaths would be avenged by the even larger number of replacements. Cruz,like Trump, is disliked by the party establishment and only got less than 25% of the GOP delegates to boot -- Trump having gotten about 60% If he were brought back by the party only because Trump was dead, he'd have a bone to pick with the establishment, the party leadership and the party base. He'd be verbally carpet-bombing all of the people whom he had previously hoped would support him. That would be so much fun to watch.

Now let's hypothesize about someone other than Ted Cruz. The Republicans might turn to a governor or senator who previously was not in the 2016 race and try to sell this person to the nation in less than three months -- not an easy feat. It would, no doubt, be a pro forma effort and a space holder as the party braces for major 2018 losses in the House.

A Trump death in August wouldn't only affect the GOP (and possibly lead to it splitting into two parties, thereby giving us the three-or-so party system we need). It would force Hillary to change her talking points, being as she'd be facing off with a different candidate. That's the easy part. Once the GOP becomes completely and irreversibly irrelevant, the Dems are bound to have a lot more in-fighting. (Every time people com together and defeat a common enemy, the winners then begin fighting each other soon thereafter. It's the way o the world.) This eventual Democratic in-fighting (an oxymoron, by all means) might even lead to them splitting as well. Depending on whether the more closely aligned factions of either party choose to remain separate or to combine, we could have three or four parties when all is said and done. Anything greater than two is better than what we currently have; as, it eliminates this idea of simply voting for the other party when one dissatisfies you. People would have to actually THINK about which party they support out of the two or more parties that don't currently have the White House or the majority of Congress. They couldn't just flip-flop anymore. They'd have to THINK about why they are throwing their support behind the party of their choice. It would no longer be as simple as saying "This is the party that didn't screw me around for the last four to six years". They'd have to be able to articulate why, after dismissing the party in power, they chose this remaining party over that one. Having at least three parties eliminates the "politics of 'No'" and forces people to THINK more proactively and affirmatively about their choices. And to think that all of this could happen as a result of Trump dying by the end of August. A Trump death could be the best thing to happen to the country and the world. This is my prayer. AMEN.


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