World War III in 2018???; When the "Right" is Wrong

Unfortunately, Donald Trump (Donito Trumpolini) is our pseudo-president. It seems -- a mere 17 days into his term -- that, even as Cheney was the "war president" and Obama was the "too-sweet president", that Trump will preside over the implosion of capitalism in general and the U.S. Government in particular. Let's face it: As of February 6th, 2017, his administration is at odds with a GOP-appointed federal judge over a xenophobic executive order that Trumpolini signed. As many as 60,000 travelers have been inconvenienced and the process could end with Trumpolini being decapitated by the guillotine of impeachment. Congress people in his own party are pulling away from him and federal workers whose job it is to implement his policies are expressing their disdain -- which might be a precursor to an all-out mutiny.

Trumpolini has a head that as hard as a rock. He's filthy rich -- probably from swimming in dirty money. He represents the worst that capitalism has to offer. He's tapping multiple American billionaires for various cabinet posts. He's cuddling up to his counterpart in Russia whose national capital has more billionaires than any other city in the world. He's currently residing in DC, a city that seems to be on a track toward becoming as elitist as Moscow.

That said, the Trumpolini era might expedite gentrification and the transformation of DC into the world-class, elitist city that Adrian Fenty tried to make it. The silver lining here is that Trumpolini's rock-hard head might enable us to kill two birds with one stone -- the vulture of capitalism (preying on even the dying poor) and the pelican of U.S. governance (scooping up all of the oil from under foreign soil). Hopefully his neck is soft enough for the blade of impeachment to penetrate it -- and thereby afford us a stone to throw at the aforementioned birds.

Trumpolini is the capitalist's capitalist and the gentrifier's gentrifier. He can do with one fell swoop what local politicians working collectively take decades to do -- spoil the rich, push out the poor and develop an ethos within government that promotes the overall paradigm and mentality of the wealthy. DC's local politicians receive political donations from the wealthy and then make political decisions that take the motives of their donors into consideration -- a process that opens the politician up to a possible bribery charge. Trumpolini is eliminating the need to make decisions on behalf of the wealthy -- who most likely have not made political donations to Trumpolini in recent years -- by just installing the wealthy in his cabinet. Local politicians use the wealthy to fund their campaigns. Trumpolini is doing what he can to give the wealthy overt and direct control of government -- open fascism, by all means. So, while both government's here in the nation's capital kowtow to the wealthy, they do it in very different ways

While it's not good to use sensationalism or emotion to hype up a story and garner support for one's cause, it's even more dangerous to underestimate people in positions of power, only to have them execute a coup against the Constitution and all that we hold dear. (I don't think the Constitution or the forefathers represent perfection; but, people from the 18th and 19th centuries seem to have had a higher collective intelligence than the Americans of today.) When it comes to sensationalism, let's remember that an unsuccessful machete attack against a soldier in France (our oldest ally) was being called "Terrorism" by the French government and that Trumpolini counselor[sic] Kellyanne Conway remembers a Bowling Green, KY massacre that never made its way into the mass media (and which probably never happened -- LOL). So, while I choose not to believe the hype, I don't think it's stretching the truth to say that Trumpolini might just lead us into another American Revolution or even World War III. (The former would prevent the latter by necessitating the return of our forces from overseas, thereby saving the world.) But, given how socially unconscious the majority of Americans are as well as the allies we have retained thus far and the enemies that Trumpolini is making the world over, it's quite probable that we'll see World War III before we see another revolution. Just think:

Russian President Vladimir Putin likes (or just uses) Trumpolini. Russia will fight on our side -- initially, anyway.

China is at odds with us over the fact that Trumpolini decided to forego a decades-old diplomatic norm by communicating directly with Taiwan and circumventing China. Like Russia, China has nukes.

India, which has had a long-standing dispute with its neighbor and fellow nuclear nation of Pakistan over the Kashmir Territory, has also had a few high-profile sex crimes in recent years such that they appeared in the American media. Though India is not on the list of top 10 countries for rape, the notoriety of the few stories that have made their way to the other side of the "pond" is likely reason enough for Trump to consider India a strong ally and to side with them over what he perceives to be a dispute over goats and coats. No kidding. This puts India on our side and makes Pakistan the enemy. Add to that the fact that Pakistan was not happy about U.S. forces going in unannounced in order to kill Osama Bin Laden.

As stated earlier, France is our oldest ally and, if the machete attack is any indication, their government is as prone to hyperbole as Trumpolini and his (mental health???) counselor Kellyanne "CON-(her)-way-to-the top" Conway.

The United Kingdom slapped Trump on the wrist for suggesting who they appoint as ambassador to the U.S. They even voted in Parliament to bar Trumpolini from the country. Even so, I doubt they'd turn against the U.S. any time soon. They'd probably wait until the U.S. has taken a bad enough beating from our nuclear enemies and Trumpolini has learned how to STFU; then, they'd execute a surprise attack on those enemies. Whether or not it would prove to be too little and too late is another matter.

The final country on the list of eight nuclear nations is North Korea. I'm not sure that they deserve mention here -- being as they have so many impediments to their nuclear program -- not the least of which is the American government which has a propensity for telling other nations to voluntarily disarm themselves so that the U.S. will be sure to prevail in the event of a war. Go figure. I've taken the time to mention North Korea, nonetheless. After all, I was among the many people who thought that Trumpolini would never become president; so, I see that I can be as wrong as the masses whose vote or failure to cast a ballot left us with a four-year headache. (I voted -- not for Trumpolini.) It's fair to say that, if Trumpolini can become president, the North Koreans can nuke California. Let's not underestimate them.

Where this leaves us is with the U.S, the U.K. (as a late arrival), India, Russia and France on one side. We have China , North Korea and Pakistan on the other side. The U.S. is the furthest away from all other nuclear nations. It's likely that our enemies would attack American politicians' interests abroad before they'd even think about a direct attack against Washington, DC. After all, we'd have so much lead time to see a trans-oceanic attack coming that it would be a waste of ballistics by our enemies. In all honesty, China could just, abstain from the fighting (for a while), call in all debt and make it harder for the U.S. to finance a war. That might be a good thing. All we can do now is watch international developments and take steps to increase the social consciousness of Americans in the hopes that our fellow citizens see the need for revolution before Trumpolini thrusts us into World War III with his mouth.

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