Franklin Staff Is Instagating VIOLENCE and/or Other Trouble

I am sorry to say that the Franklin situation has taken a turn for the worse in that 2 employees, James Rolle and Garland Caraway, have begun to perpetrate some bold-faced lies which are designed to create emnity between myself and the other Franklin residents and could lead to anyone who might believe them turning violent against me. I have published this post so as to let people know, just in case anything goes down. You can also help to correct their lies.

This morning as I was leaving Franklin Shelter, Franklin staffer and Catholic Charities employee James Rolle started in on me by saying,"You know that you're the reason that they're closing this place?" Sitting beside him was the 500 lb. employee named Garland Caraway.

(Garland was the one who tried to prevent Councilwoman Yvette Alexander from entering a government-owned building on 9/11 so as to see first-hand that the building is not nearly as decrepit as Mayor Fenty makes it out to be. He also told me that he reads my blog. Though I blog mainly for the supporters of the homeless and those who want to keep up with the Franklin situation, I like it when an enemy of mine reads my blog insomuch as it enables me to fly in their face with whatever I have to say to/about them. Ask Pat Handy.)

I told James that his statement was not true and the 3 of us began a lively 25-minute discussion as a certain security guard stood and looked on. I will expose some of the lies that they told and the corresponding truths below:

Lie -- I, Eric, am the reason that Franklin is being closed.
Truth -- Mayor Fenty says that he wants to close the building due to it being old, decrepit and unfit for human habitation, while he most likely has some developer waiting in the wings to buy the building and/or is catering to the surrounding businesses and the tourist industry.

Lie -- Fenty and not the first Committee to save Franklin is the reason that Franklin was not closed in 2006-7.
Truth -- The rallies, protests and other efforts of the first Committee to save Franklin paid off and Deputy Mayor Brenda Donald-Walker told us the building would not be closed well before Fenty became mayor. Her word would prove to be tenuous at best and the threat remained even after her October 2006 announcement that Franklin had been saved. No place was found for the Franklin residents to go to. Herb Miller eventually opted out of the 29-year lease that he had signed with Mayor Tony "the Rat" Williams, also known as "Out-of-Town Tony", and he was paid $500,000.

Lie -- It was not my e-mails that got anything around Franklin fixed. Nothing was ever fixed the day after I sent an e-mail. It was always the Franklin staff putting in work orders that got things fixed. Those things would've been fixed with or without my e-mails.
Truth -- On multiple occasions things at Franklin were fixed the day after I sent an e-mail. In some cases, I sent an e-mail early in the morning and what I e-mailed about was fixed by that evening. The one exception that stands out in my mind was the last time that the hot water went out. In that case, it took 2 and a half months to properly identify the source of the problem and fix it. 2 water heaters were added at my beckoning on Ash Wednesday (Feb. 6th) of this year, with the hot water having gone out on November 19th of last year. In other instances, I've e-mailed about broken windows, cold water, broken sink and shower spigots and had them fixed within 24 hours. How would Garland know that the repairs didn't occur within 24 hours of my e-mail, being that he was not with me when i sent the e-mails? Get real.

Lie -- Mayor Fenty changed his mind after stopping the March 31st, 2007 closure because we (the first Committee to Save Franklin Shelter) pissed him off and that is why he is closing it now. (Garland never specified how we pissed him off.)
Truth -- Fenty is bending to pressure from the business community. That's why he decided to close Franklin. He claims to want to move away from large shelters and then starts with what is far from the largest shelter in DC, while wanting to add 100 beds to a shelter that is already larger than Franklin (801 East).

Lie -- My e-mail work orders are the main reason for Franklin being closed.
Truth -- Placing a work order doesn't amount to a request to close a building. It takes a real idiot to think that it does. Everything that I e-mailed about has since been fixed; therefore, those formerly needed repairs no longer serve as reasons to close the building, if ever they did.

Stop trying to pit other Franklin residents against me by perpetrating these and other lies, James Rolle and Garland Caraway.

Other Franklin News

At 5 PM on Thursday, September 25th there will be a rally in front of Franklin Shelter (13th and K streets, NW). Come out and support the homeless and send a strong message to the mayor that mistreatment of the underprivileged will not be tolerated.

At 2 PM on Sunday, September 28th there will be a teach-in at Franklin Park (13th and K streets, NW). All concerned citizens and illegals are welcome to come out and learn about the issue of homelessness, the Franklin Shelter saga and how Mayor Fenty's decision will hurt and even kill the homeless.

Tuesday, September 30th marks the end of the 10 working days (2 weeks) that Fenty will have had to veto or sign the law that was passed on the 16th to prevent the closure of Franklin. No actions are planned for that day yet. We need to see what transpires and whether or not we have a victory to celebrate. Based on what happens that day, we will either have a reason to celebrate or a reason to protest. Let's hope that the Council holds Fenty accountable.


The sleep-out in Franklin Park that was scheduled to take place today has been cancelled. I hope that you've read this in time and didn't make a blank trip. I apologize if you did. I plan to check throughout the evening to see if anyone shows up.

As it turns out, the Franklin residents can't afford to sleep out, due to the fact that their beds will be dismantled. It wouldn't look right if only the supporters and no Franklin residents participated in the sleep-out. We could compensate by having those who've already lost their beds sleep out. However, they are difficult to gather and to establish quick, constitent communication with, due to be scattered.


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