Gov't Garbage and Dirty Politics

NOTE: Men are being put on the floor to sleep at the NY Ave. shelter, while the city is shutting down a much-needed shelter (Franklin Shelter). This makes absolutely no sense. Then again, what decisions of Mayor Fenty do?!

I'm at no shortage of bad things to say about Mayor Fenty and his administration. However, I promise to try to keep this post short, as that won't be easy.

I'll begin with Patricia "Pat" Handy. She is the least amiable, most obnoxious homeless outreach coordinator on the face of the Earth. She allowed her attitude to show through during our first encounter. She had come out to the hospital to assist a certain 88 year-old homeless woman in finding a nursing home temporarily and to begin casework around finding her a more permanent residence once healed completely. Pat handy exhibited very little tact in dealing with an elderly woman. She made no secret of her frustration, as this elderly woman had a hard time making up her mind, due to being picky as should be expected of an elderly woman. Others who were present, myself included, were able to deal with the situation much more delicately.

Another woman told me of Pat Handy having gotten an attitude with her over the phone. This other woman claimed to have asked a simple question, to which Pat Handy snapped,"I'm not the information dept.!" I told Pat about this incident. She denied it. Oddly enough, for all of her vices, Pat never struck me as a liar. I could be wrong on that one.

Then, on September 10th and 11th Pat Handy spent much time at Franklin School Shelter so as to facilitate the moving of men into other shelters, the streets and, in a few cases, housing. (At least 1/3 of those housed have rejected or lost it in less than 2 weeks. At least 20 of the men have given their keys back to DHS, due to some defficiency in the unit or not liking the violent, drug-ridden neighborhood.)I sent out e-mails the next day, so as to update people on the Franklin situation. I printed the truth about the situation.

When I saw Pat again and began to approach her with a concern of mine, she said,"Eric, I can't speak to you. You put my name out there." I told her that everything that I printed was true. To that she replied,"I'm not saying that you lied. I'm just saying that you put my name out there and I don't like that." I told her that she doesn't need to like me; but, she does need to serve me. Well, now I've gone from putting her name in an e-mail to putting her name in my blog, which is further-reaching. How's that for starters, Pat? Just to be clear, you are a pubic servant. Therefore, if you don't do your job well, I'm telling on you. If you don't like it, get out of public service.

While I used the truth against Pat Handy, there are those in DC Government who choose to use dishonesty to try to bring me down. Does it surprise you? I mean, it is the Fenty administration we're talking about here.

Of those in DC Gov. who want to assist their dictator, Adrian Fenty, in closing Franklin, at least a couple have told bold-faced lies about me and my stance on the issue. One man told me that I had actually told him that I wanted Franklin closed, due to it being an old, run-down building. I HAVE NEVER ASKED ANYONE TO CLOSE FRANKLIN. THAT IS WHERE I STAY. DON'T BE SO ASSENINE!!!!!

Then there are those who maintain that, if I report needed repairs, I am asking for the building to be closed. Clarence carter of DHS has gone so far as to exaggerate the number of e-mail work orders that I've sent and tried to use that false number as justification for closing Franklin. It takes a true idiot to assume that a work order amounts to a request for closure.

Besides, Ram Uppuluri of Councilman Tommy Wells' office has stated to me that DC Government has a new policy: So long as a government-owned building is occupied, it will be properly maintained. He has said that this policy was created as a result of the DC Village fiasco. (DC Village was a family shelter that was allowed to go into disrepair, because it was slated to be closed soon. It has since been closed, but not before people were allowed to live there in sub-human conditions.)

Fenty and his fallen angels are looking for any excuse to close Franklin. In so doing, they're using a double standard. If Fenty wants to keep a shelter (or other building) open, he sees to it that the building is maintained, at any cost. If he wants to close a building and give it to a developer, he uses something as small as a broken window as an excuse to close it. Deciding to close a building because it needs some maintenance is like deciding to decapitate one's self because his hair needs combing. Get real!!!!!

These are just a few of the many examples that I could give you of government garbage and dirty politics.


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